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The Old City of Damascus

Damascus is the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic and the center of Damascus Governorate. It is one of the oldest cities in the world with a contentious history for 11000 years. there are some theories explaining the meaning of the name “Damascus” the most common, being derived from ancient Semitism, is the watered land due to the city’s geographic location in a fertile plain watered by Barada river and its branches. Thus forming The Gota of Damascus, in addition to Qassioun Mountain which overlook the city of Damascus.   Damascus is famous for being a commercial city where caravans stopped to rest.


It is a Syrian city which is considered to be one of the  most deep rooted Cristian cities in the Middle  East. Its name ( Seyda Naya)  means " Our Lady " in Aramaic language ,the language of  Jesus Christ. It is 1450 meters above sea- level. It is famous all over the world for its beautiful nature and its remarkable consecrating treasures. Sednaya' prison is located near by the city.


Palmyra centers the Syrian desert, being 243 km away from Damascus and 150 km from Homs from the east at the foot of Al-Mentar Mount of Palmyrian mountains series in a plenteous spring basin forming a green Oasis.The archaeological monuments in Palmyra:   The Temple of Baal - The Temple of Nabbo - The Temple of Baalshmine - The Temple of Allat - The Temple of Yalhamone & Monate - The Baths - The Amphitheater - The Straight Street (via recta) - The Congress Council -  Al-Agwar( the planted valleys) - The  Cemeteries - The Walls - The columns - The Churches.

Al-Hosn Citadel

Al-Hosn Citadel is located nearby Homs- Talkhalakh, considered to be one of the most beautiful Medieval crusader castles in the world. It is amongst the strongest and most preserved western fortifications in the East. It consists of two concentric castles, the outer one is surrounded with defensive wall reinforced by semicircular towers. The internal upper castle consists of huge towers that overlooks the outer castle from above the slope it was built on. 

Salah Al-Dine Citadel

It is one of the Syrian Coast castles in Lattakia. Situated on the top of a high hill, surrounded with green forests and marvelous views. For a long period of time it was called (Saone) Sahioun castle only to be named later on Salah Al-Dine Citadel to commemorate the memory of the great Kurdish Islamic leader, the conqueror hero Salah Al-Dine Al-Ayyoubi. In 2006 the castle was recorded on the World Heritage list along with Crack des Chevaliers.

The Syrian Coast

The Syrian Coast is located in the western north of Syria. Forming both Tartus Governorate in the South and Lattakia in the North. The Syrian Coast, where the amazing nature exists, holds a combination of scenic summer villages, fresh air, huge forests, the green mountains, springs, creeks, rivers and lakes both the natural and artificial forming behind them dams. In addition to some uninhabited islands just off the coast.