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Bosra Al-sham is a small city in the south of Syria. The word “Bosra” in the old Semitism means (the fort). Its significant strategic location influenced its high rank among the eastern ancient cities where it played an important commercial and cultural role. The most distinguished site in Bosra is the amphitheater that was designed with Roman style. Its most important archeological sites: Bab Al-Hawa gate - The Central arch - The Camping - The Underground Market -  Al-Houriyat temple - Al-Kuliba (the bed of the king's daughter) - the main market -  Al-Bab. 


The ancient Syrian city of Apamea is situated in the middle of the Al-Gab plain 55 km northwest of the city of Hama, neighboring an old fort holding its name and is known today as Al Madiq citadel (Qalaat al-Madiq). the city was founded since the very ancient eras, It was an important cultural center in the region.


The ruins of the ancient archaeological Syrian city of Ugarit were discovered in the archaeological hill which is known today as Ras Shamra, just three kilometers from the northeastern part of the city of Latakia. The Alphabet of Ugarit is the most completed alphabet of the ancient world as well as the richest and most comprehensive that it contains 30 symbols.


In Roman and Byzantine era, the city was known as “Serigiopolis” meaning St. Sarkis City. Rusafa city is situated to the north of the Syrian desert, and to the south-west of Raqqa. It contains a lot of establishments and important buildings as well as the huge wall, churches, basilica, cathedral, palaces, its famous underground water tanks and vaults along the wall of the city.


Dura-Eupopos t is located to the south-east of the city of Deir ez-Zor, between Al-Mayadeen city and Al-BuKamal city, 90 km on the road leading to Al-BuKamal, extending on the western plateau of the Euphrates River

The Old City of Aleppo

Aleppo is the largest city in Syria in terms of population. It is located in the northwest of Syria, 310 km (193 miles) from Damascus. It is also the largest city of the Levant, as it is the oldest city in the world. In 2006, The city gained the title of" The Capital of Islamic Culture" in the Arab world.