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It is a Syrian resort and city located 23 km north of Lattakia city, in the middle of Lattakia- Kassab road. it has stunning beautiful nature and overlooks fascinating views and seven lakes. It is surrounded by a number of resorts and villages: Makhous,Al – Safsaf, Al –Ramim Vally, Soulas, Bit Naser, Ain –Aroummana,,At'tarkia,Ain-azzarkha.


A Syrian city located 50 km to the north-west of Damascus and 1,500 meters above sea level. The name “Ma’aloula” means the high place with fresh air according to the Syriac language (the language of Jesus Christ) which is still spoken alongside Arabic by Ma'loula's people both Muslims &Christians, as well as people of Al-Sarkha and Jabb'adin villages. It is Famous for its remarkable Christian holy landmarks and important sites dating back to the tenth century B.C  

Um Attoyour

It is a village in the Issawiyya municipality near Qustul 'Moaaf that is located in Latakia governorate. The village is in Ras-Albasit 30 km north of Latakia with a population of about 2,000 inhabitants. The village beach stretches 12 km; the southern part is sandy while the northern beach is rocky. The area was recorded as a nature reserve to preserve migratory birds and wild forest. 


It is a town in the Homs governorate being 850 meters above sea-level. The land slopes gradually due to its location on the hills and mountains. It is also a resort known for the beauty of its nature..


It is 48 km south-west of Hama city, 450 meters above sea level. mountains surround the city which is centering the coastal mountains and the inner plains. It is familiar with high speed wind (strong air). It was called Mesyad (relating the hunting there).

Ad'dawayat Cave

ne of the oldest discovered caves in Syria and also one of the most important tourist destinations chiefly in Al –Kafareen region and in Syria, being characterized by striking beauty of nature which is filled with charming natural stalagmites and stalactites. it is called (Ad'dawayat) relating to small holes in the roof, lightening the cave entrance.