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One of the ancient Syrian civilizations kingdoms which flourished in the third millennium BC. It was characterized by its strategic location, economic potential, cultural events and wide relations with the ancient Near East kingdoms. Mary was famous for being the capital of the tenth dynasty after the flood, which proves its old history. A lot of manuscripts and documents were discovered in Mary that indicated the extent of progress and development that prevailed in the Kingdom, a remarkable document in the Kingdom of Mary is a letter from the governor of the city to his son in which he used a popular proverb.  

Al-Assad Lake

It is an artificial lake in Syria formed behind one of the largest Arab projects, Euphrates Dam primarily on the Euphrates River in Raqqa governorate. It is a huge lake with a maximum length of 80 km and a maximum width of 8 km. it is utilized in the field of irrigation and agriculture. A hydroelectric station for electrical energy generating of high capacity was established on the bank of the river.

Jbab Spa

It is a spa-resort designed to receive convalescent patients and hospitalization seekers. Having treatments with many types of massage that helps relaxing it is considered to be a cure and console for the soul from the daily life pressures.