The Minister of Tourism presides over a meeting to examine the reality of religious tourism, activate it and develop the work mechanism within the new plan

Tourism Minister Beshr Yazji met with hotel owners, companies and offices operating in religious tourism in the presence of the Syrian Transport and Tourism Company, the Hotel Management Company and the Federation of Tourism Chambers to identify the reality of religious tourism, activate it and develop the work mechanism within the new plan.
The minister stressed the Ministry of Tourism's plan to develop the services provided to visitors and organize them in all the details in order to suit Syria and its visitors and the need to identify the reality of the work of all companies and offices of religious tourism and hotels and to achieve revenues for the offices and the treasury of the state and improve the level of services and the Ministry's plan to develop programs to develop places to travel, Implementing initiatives and proposals to improve the reality of religious tourism, noting that the ministry continues to provide all facilities for hotels and offices, and he spoke in detail about Resolution 740 as an important step towards organizing and upgrading this sector and the need to be committed by the Syrian Transport and Tourism Company and all offices, especially with regard to the subject of tasks and must be completed 48 hours before the arrival of visitors to Syria.
The Federation of Tourism Chambers, during the meeting of the Minister of Tourism and the owners of hotels and religious tourism offices, praised resolution 740 and all its details and the need for companies and offices to comply with its implementation of to achieve the public interest. the workers in this area also praised the resolution pointing out that a great improvement was recently noticed after the issuance of this decision showing their willingness to unite and work as a team with the Ministry and the Syrian Company for Transport and Tourism.
During the meeting, the attendees demanded the organization of the regions, electricity and all the inputs that serve the process of improving the reality of religious tourism.