Syrian Expatriates Expedition in America Developments at the level of the tourism sector and services in Syria .. and to see investment opportunities during their visit to the Minister of Tourism

Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazji received the delegation of Syrian expatriates in America headed by Dr. Zubaydah Al-Qadri to discuss the improvement and recovery of the tourism reality and the new investment opportunities in light of the increase of new demand and visions set by the ministry for this sector.
The Minister of Tourism said during the meeting that every Syrian is the ambassador of his country and his people at home and expatriate. Anyone who is looking for the truth is thankful in his search for his place and his status to know the truth of what has happened and is going on throughout these years in Syria and how the international community evades its responsibility towards what happened and is still in it, and the practice of terrorism against Syria in terms of history, present and people. Pointing out that the truth seekers at this time are the messengers of the age in the time of chaos, prosecution and directing the issues away from truth, and Syria as a government and people have always been and will remain open to all those willing to investigate and touch the truth despite all the suffering in the years of war alone against terrorism on behalf of all humanity.
Minister Yazji said: The Syrian, who belongs in the name of history, reality, civilization and humanity, cannot be less of a belonging to the Syrian motherland, carrying in his cells its genes and having the characteristics of his ancestors. There is nothing but Syria, no matter how long or many years have passed since his exile and absence. Pointing out that every Syrian expatriate carries two messages on his shoulders .. The first is his mission as a Syrian to civilization and humanity and to the land that embraces his forefathers and opens its arm to receive him, being its ambassador and representative ... and second to their second countries where they are an active part of societies ... and it is their basic duty not to be victim of the Propaganda media that is directed by most governments of these countries in a way that doesn’t represents or serve the interests of their peoples.
Dr. Zubaydah al-Qadri stressed that this visit is not the first and they had several visits, but this visit is special in the light of the political and military victories and the start of recovery of various sectors, pointing out that this meeting with the Minister of Tourism is very important to see projects and investment opportunities and how to participate in reconstruction and support to our mother country, especially after the developments we saw in the tourism sector during this visit.
The delegation spoke about the role of expatriates in supporting Syria abroad and correcting the distorted image of the events in Syria, exposing the Takfiri ideology, increasing awareness and communication among the expatriate Syrians, stressing their support for their country of origin and the Syrian people. And work within Syria through the establishment of projects and providing all that is necessary