Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, the opening of an exhibition of fine arts within the activities of Bab El Shams Festival in Tartous

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and in cooperation with the General Sports Federation and the Tartous Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Union of Fine Artists in Syria opened on Friday an exhibition of 50 paintings and 25 sculptures of 37 artists from the Union of Fine Artists in Tartous and 9 artists from Damascus, Lattakia and Deir al-Zour where the exhibit lasts for six days in Amrit Art Gallery in Tartous.
Director of the festival Mr. Hossam Nafakh said that the importance of the exhibition as a cultural glimpse of the festival's features, which presented art, sports and culture, pointing out that the message of the exhibition is glory, civilization and love and the choice of launching the festival this year from Tartous the mother of martyrs in recognition to it and its families and what they gave of martyrs, as it is a fortress of steadfastness worthy of respect.
"Most of the artists participating in the exhibition are international artists, who participated in many exhibitions outside Syria, and their paintings received a great response and admiration," said the head of the Union of Fine Artists, Tartous Sulaiman Ahmed. "The exhibition is a message that life is continuing and Syrian artists are persisting in their art despite all the difficulties they face.
Artist Masa, a member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists in Tartous, pointed to her participation in a single painting titled "The Dreaming Female", where she used oil paints and painted them in an Impressionist style, pointing out that the exhibition is an opportunity to exchange culture in addition to personal knowledge.
The artist Ghayath Jamal explained that his participation was in a painting expressing the old Damascus, which is among his many works that deal with ancient Damascus and ancient heritage using the impressionist realist school method. He introduced a new art of mixed yarns in color, expressing the arteries in the human body, pointing out that the aim of participating in these exhibitions is to publish the paintings in the community as an expression of the presence of artists despite the crisis.
The artist Soad Mohammed drew to her participation two paintings using the colors of acrylic on the canvas and the impressionist method adopted where the subjects were related to the beauty of nature of water, trees, mountains and flowers.
In turn, the fine artist Taghrid Ramadan explained that they used pressure plates on the brass noting that the first painting embodied Sargon Akkadian founder of the Akkadian state while the second painting in the way Raleev.
The opening of the exhibition was attended by Samir Khader, secretary of the Second City Division of the Arab Baath Socialist Party in Tartous, in addition to a number of artists.